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Frustration: An enemy for the soul

Publicado el 17/10/2016 por Gretel Ledo

The filter you use for observing your surroundings determines your life. It may resemble some sort of invisible goggles that color the environment before you. That visual filter is mainly generated in the mind, it is born in the thoughts while collecting a space which gazes an eloquent dimension in order to embrace simple inconsistencies of the soul under the nature of absolute truths.

It comes from the Latin word frustrāre. According to the Royal Spanish Academy, it implies the deprivation of someone’s expectations. Undoubtedly it also means the inability of fulfilling a need, a wish. Frustration awakens self-destruction before the desperation of not reaching the “expected achievements”. The frustrated person lives under self-punishment subject to the perfect expression of criticism in all its forms, and every expression which may be possibly thought. As such, it is guided by a system of thought inextricably linked to failure.

The extent of frustration causes depression and deep disappointment of everything that surrounds us.

Mental construction raises spiritual prisons sealed with chains which hinder the person, and turn that person into a hostage of his or her negative thoughts. Once that wall is raised, despondency starts invading the heart, thereby generating a new expressive dimension. Such dimension is significantly important and it differs from the factual situation the person is facing, but it has enough matter to hinder the free belief, without prejudice, that enables us to leap towards the unknown and undertake significant challenges.

Upon failure, the loser is demotivated; the winner rises victorious.

The look turns gray because perspective changed negatively. This mutation in born in the mind, invading the universe of beliefs towards oneself. From that moment, actions will be conditioned and even omissions may happen. There is a lack of action, reaction, projection, mental paralysis and pollution of the soul. In this situation, the belief of one’s own failure has become really strong, thus embracing the prejudiced look that others have of ourselves. At this point, the mental wall which was raised within ourselves has become a mountain of impossible goals to fulfill. At that moment the “other people’s approval of me” becomes most important. We then forfeit the freedom to believe in that special gift that God put in each of our lives to enjoy and make the most of it. Negative faith is also powerful. It is powerful enough to unleash the opposite essences to projection and freedom which are necessary to channel a dream.

The secret: not to lose sight of the horizon of the call within our hearts, not to falter upon a fall because life itself is a test and a trust at the same time. Time, intelligence, opportunities, resources, relations are gifts bestowed upon us by God to be managed accordingly. This encompasses the notion of stewardship. We are all managers of each gift He has bestowed upon us: “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.” (Psalm 24:1)

If we were aware that life is just a temporary trust, we would stop going to great lengths chasing that which vanishes without any consistency. But the love towards our brethren, the kind answer and the purity of the heart do remain. “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” (Proverbs 4:23)

We must remember to look with the eyes of God, not our own.




By Gretel Ledo

International Political Analyst. Master in International Relations between Europe and Latin America (Università di Bologna). Attorney, Majored in Political Sciences and Sociologist (UBA).

Twitter: @GretelLedo


(*) Translated by WordCheck Traductores