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Let my Grace fulfill you

Publicado el 23/11/2017 por admin


“Do not see me fall. Dead inside, but standing tall. Like a tree.”

Trees die standing tall. Alejandro Casona



Appearances. Illusions. Worlds of fiction. To show off. To sell oneself. The external shell may be well structured on the outside, but the essence of the soul is deteriorating in the inside. The show must go on. The payable costs are virtually ignored when making an almost savage assessment of the present. There are externalities that achieved enough importance as to displace the soul being.

To make plans, to follow goals, to determine obstacles to overcome, are part of every person’s life. The important aspect to consider is to what degree shall we force situations. To what extent shall I improvise the play of my own life. Many people say: “we must be noticed”. What if it is not only about that? “Man proposes and God decides” is more than a simple catchphrase. It also implies a spiritual background that only few are willing to see.

We may thoroughly determine where we want to go. We may design strategies, contact people and make the best of ourselves and still, there is an important detail missing: the invisible, the unpredictable. There is something beyond us and our endeavors. We are now entering the sphere of grace.

Grace as the favor of God, which we are unworthy of, places us in the plane of reception without doing nothing in exchange. We receive and that is all. It is a gift. A gift is received on a special occasion, a celebration or it may be just a gesture of affection towards the others. We make a gift because we feel loved by that other person. That other person gave something to us first, and therefore, we feel indebted. As this life provides it, he who gives love, will receive love. With God this may be different. We receive gifts without disserving them. Divine favor always takes us to a safe spot.

The direct line to heaven fills us with his grace. In order to remain connected to Him, surrender is necessary. The fact that this may be considered as a surrender may have a somewhat strong connotation. On the contrary, this means to acknowledge Him above all our things. To present the plans which have a place in our hearts before His presence. When we look for God with all our heart, we will find him (Jeremiah 29:13)

How can we tell when we have the grace of God? A person full of God’s grace is generous, humble, with a spirit of forgiveness, does not hold grudges and does not complain. He remains firm in moments of doubt. These moments are mainly purported to mold our character in order to overcome the greatest challenge: the mastery of oneself. The test is the opportunity to be promoted from ourselves, from our state of weakness.

God’s spirit is expressed through ourselves and between ourselves. God gives grace to the humble (Proverbs 3:34). A submitted heart is the most precious treasure we can offer him.

Deeds of charity and good gestures towards the others may be brushstrokes of kindness but it is of the utmost importance to have a submitted heart at his feet. Jesus himself once prayed: Father, if you are willing, please take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine” (Luke 22:42). We do not pray for our will to be done in the heavens, but for the will of God to take place in our lives.

A heart full of God’s favor is a passport to the infinite world of miracles.



Buenos Aires, November 19, 2017



By Gretel Ledo

Twitter: @GretelLedo


(*) Translated by WordCheck Traductores