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United States: Xonophobia, frustration and anti-system trends

Publicado el 09/11/2016 por Gretel Ledo

Shaken by a fierce electoral campaign, both cantidades were exposed to the crossed accusation and this showed that the people in the United States voted “against the other candidate“. Everything at its due time: “… For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad. nothing”. (Lucas 8:17)

The political polarisation that the United States had to undergo practically threw away the parsonian logic of order. One of the greatest exponents of Structural-Functionalism, sociologist Talcott Parsons interprets society, under a systemic focus, as an open system submerged in an environment-surrounding, which affects it. Thus, the general system of action is integrated by four subsystems: the social subsystem-allows the integration of the individual in society, personality-individual features, orientations and motivations to achieve objectives, the cultural subsystem – standards and values which regulate and guide the individual’s behaviour, and the biological – related to the fulfilment of needs. Societies tend to self-regulation and self-sufficiency determined by the basic needs such as the preservation of social order, the supply of needs and services, education as socialization.

Political Scientists Lipset and Rokkan understand the social divisions as cleavages or social-political fractures as a result of conflicts which emerge within each system (economic, political, social, inter alia).

The presidential candidates of the United States have managed to create a new cleavage: being American-not being American. The evident antagonism has led to a dismantlement of the sense of unity and social brotherhood and a turning point in the Nation’s conception. The stereotyping of the illegal resident prepared the way to the cleavage between voters as defendants and adversaries of a particular issue: immigration. The consequences to face in January 2017 are translated in a blast of latent xenophobia, high levels of non-governance and destruction of the classical partisan system.

By Gretel Ledo

International Political Analyst. Master in International Relations between Europe and Latin America (Università di Bologna). Attorney, Majored in Political Sciences and Sociologist (UBA).

Twitter: @GretelLedo


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